R-Zero is the Premier and Superior Choice

Best-In-Class Disinfection. UV-C disinfection is recommended by the FDA. It is more effective than manual disinfection which has been proven to miss more than 50% of surfaces. Arc is also superior vs other UV-C devices as it has up to 109% more germ killing light.


ROI. R-Zero solutions are designed to provide a proven ROI through cost, fewer sick days, and smooth easy implementation into your existing workflows. The R-Zero Arc is up to 50% less expensive than electrostatic spraying and 60% less than manual disinfection. It’s also the first time best-in-class UV-C technology is at a price that can be afforded, with it being up to 6X less expensive vs other hospital-grade systems.

Design & Ease-Of-Use. All products are beautifully designed to be easy to use and implement for anyone. Our design came with empathy for the end-user. We designed the Arc with 4 buttons and easier to use than a microwave. The weight is in the base of the system so it’s easy to move and navigate without the risk of falling over. Finally, we designed it to be beautiful so it can be displayed or put in a custodial closet.

Sustainability. We believe that we must be socially and environmentally responsible in everything we do. Our UV-C technology is sustainable, with no waste, no chemicals. On top of that it’s socially responsible as we offer our system at prices that are affordable by not just the high-end hospitals, but accessible to all businesses and even expansion in hospitals and healthcare, making any space we work, play, and live-in safety.


R-Zero Connect. We bring transparency and visibility to a historically invisible process. The disinfection process is a process that has been historically invisible. You may have had someone mark down that a space was disinfected, but the Arc allows you to immediately see that a cycle was completed via our IoT platform so you know it’s clinically clean.

Partner Program. We believe each of our customers are our partners and when you succeed, we succeed. We provide end-to-end management and implementation with our customer service and the tools to communicate to anyone in your space that you are taking the extra care to make them safe. We have seen this drive business results as a crucial layer to drive trust and bring confidence back to business.

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